UNIQUE a brand new luxury clothing brand with its own designed knitwear STATEMENT . All the garments are knitted by hand by my very talented grandmother. She has over 60 years of experience with knitting, which means that she knits garments of the finest quality. We also design all the patterns ourselves, and select wool yarn of the best quality for the best results.

As all our garments are knitted by hand and not by machine, each and every garment is completely unique!

The idea of ​​my own knitting clothing brand in collaboration with my grandmother came before I created the online store, Statement Clothing. My grandmother has been knitting garments for me ever since I was born, and every year sweaters from her are something I always want for both Christmas and my birthday. She can knit absolutely EVERYTHING! If I get an idea for a sweater I want, or have seen a picture of a nice sweater as inspiration, she makes up her own pattern and knits it up within a week!

On the internet, I find many who sell recipes for knitted garments, and find few who sell ready-made hand-knitted garments. Not everyone can or has the time to knit themselves or has someone who can knit for them, and then a home-knit sweater from us fits you perfectly!

I am super impressed by her skills and quality, and would very much like to share her beautiful garments with you!

Do you want a completely unique, hand-knitted sweater of super quality? Order with us today!